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Father Donizetti and the Nightmare of the Altars

Father Donizetti de Lima praying the Traditional Latin Mass
The Father and the nightmare

Father Donizetti Tavares de Lima was born in Januay 3, 1882, in Cassia city, in state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He died in June 6, 1961, in Tambau city, in the state of São Paulo (SP).

In 1960 the Archbishop of Ribeirão Preto city, Dom Luiz do Amaral Mousinho and the Father Agmar de Paula Marques, went to Tambau, to visit the parish of Saint Antony and met Fr. Donizetti. As soon as he saw the Archbishop, he told him:

“Archbishop, I had a terrible nightmare! I saw the demon entering in the Cathedral of Saint Sebastian (in Ribeirão Preto city-SP) with some priests with him and all of them were armed with picks in hand. They were walking to the side altars of the Cathedral, screaming loudly. When they reached the altar of St. Anthony, the image of the holy Friar of Lisbon looked with authority to the devil and his minions;
 then they left the place fast.
Archbishop, for Pete's sake, do not let them overthrow the altars of the Cathedral!”

At that moment, the Archbishop Dom Luiz Mousinho, told him that it was just a dream, a nightmare, and no one would remove the altars, but Fr. Donizetti told again: 

"No, no, Archbishop! We won’t see this disgrace (prophesying that they both would die soon) but it will come! This was not just a dream, nor a nightmare! The darkness will fall over this world! I beg you: don’t let them destroy the altars!”

Kindly, as usual he was, the Archbishop smiled and told to him: “Fr. Donizetti, I promise you, I won’t let anyone destroy the altars of our Cathedral!”

A few years later, after the introduction of the New Mass  Fr. Agmar Marques remembered this fact and he avoided the removal of the altars of Saint Sebastian Cathedral.
Father Horacio Longo also remembered the "nightmare of the altars" prophesied by Father Donizetti when they removed the side altars of the parish of Franca city, now the Our Lady of Conception Cathedral.

The pictures of Pius XII and John XXIII

Father Saverio Brugnara used to say that Father Donizetti received a picture of Pope John XXIII in 1959. As said by Father Brugnara, at that moment Fr. Donizetti looked during a time to the picture, smiled and said to an acolyte that they both should pray a lot for the Pope and for the Church. One of the acolytes wanted to remove the old picture of Pius XII on the wall and put the picture of the new Pope, John XXIII but Fr. Donizetti said: "No, my son! Leave the picture there! Soon I will meet him! As for the new Pope's picture, leave it there, where it is”.
The picture of Pope John XXIII was placed on a dresser, and Pius XII's picture continued on the wall, at the main place of the sacristy.

A Saint

All kind of miracles through Father Donizetti was witnessed for many every day. He was just a living saint, and he used to be called as “the thaumaturge of Tambau”
One of the miracles which Father Donizetti always attributed to the intercession of Our Lady of Aparecida, was witnessed for one of the most respected journalists in Brazil, Joelmir Beting (1936-2012) who was born and lived in Tambau.
On a radio program the journalist told that in the Easter Sunday of 1953 Fr. Donizetti prayed the Mass at 12 a.m. in the church of Saint Antony for thousands people and at the same time he was seen for about 2 thousand people in the city of São Pedro dos Morrinhos (SP) in an auction of cattle to raise money for his sanatorium. This was one of the many miracles that made him known in the state of São Paulo and other states of the country.
Another famous miracle happened in 1955 when José Alexandre Braga, a boy with 5 years old, was cured of osteochondritis, a disease that prevented him to walk.  

About the miracles, Father Donizetti used to say that the most important were not the cures, but the conversions to Catholicism.

Journalist Joelmir Beting
Fr. Donizetti and his acolyte Joelmir

The process for beatification of Father Donizetti started in February 21, 1992, in the Diocese of São João da Boa Vista and after 17 years of researches and works, it was opened in The Congregation for the Causes of Saints (Congregatio de Causis Sanctorum) in September 14, 2009 where is still waiting for approval.
As said by Pope Benedict XIV (1745-1758), sanctity “is the general concerns expressed publicly, spontaneously by most of the people on the martyrdom or the virtuous life and miracles performed by the Servant of God, that induce people to venerate him and ask for his intercession”. The cause of Father Donizetti comply with all these requirements.

Father Donizetti was born in a rich family but he lived under a vote of poverty since 1929. He always slept on a wooden board and he ate only okra soup just once a day.
In October 11, 1929 the city’s parish of Tambau burned down completely, but the image of Our Lady Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil that was inside the church, stayed intact. This was one of the first miracles attributed to the intercession of Fr. Donizetti. Thousands and thousands of people used to go to Tambau to attend the Mass of the Father and receive his blessings. There were days in which about 40 thousand people gathered in the square in front of the parish of the city; people with all kinds of physical and psychological diseases were cured in those days.

House of Father Donizetti (in portuguese "casa do Padre Donizetti"). Inside the house there are several objects related to the healings, as crutches, etc.

José Alexandre Braga (the child in the picture left) in the moment that he was cured. In the picture right a most recent photo.

 Once, remembering what happened in the Easter Sunday of 1953, the journalist Joelmir Beting, his friend, asked him how he could be in two places at the same time. Father Donizetti just told to him:  
“To whom doesn't believe in God none explanation is possible, to whom believes, none explanation is necessary”.

Fr. Donizetti and the objects left by the healed people
Father Donizetti preaching to thousands people



 Father Donizetti, pray for us!

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