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The Alert of Our Lady: The Blood That Will Be Shed Through Communism in Brazil

Sister Adélia (Maria da Luz), one of the two seers of the apparition of Our Lady in Northeastern of Brazil in 1936
      Before the political situation in which Brazil was placed during the last 12 years and the presidential elections of this October 2014, the words of Our Lady to two young seers in the Northeastern of Brazil in 1936 is about to happen.

    The following reports are a summary of informations obtained through excerpts from the book "O Fim do Mundo Está Próximo! Velhas e Novas Prophecias" [The End of the World is Near! Old and new Prophecies] (Father Jules Marie, 2nd edition - 1939 - Livraria Boa Imprensa – Rio de Janeiro, 'Nihil obstat' gave by the Canon José de Lima on July 10, 1936, and Letter for approval of the Bishop of Caratinga on July 31, 1936) and from informations by Father Marcelo Tenório, priest of the St. Sebastian Parish in Campo Grande city, Brazil, an alumnus of the College of Christian Ladies. The priest Tenório had direct contact with Sister Adelia, one of the seers of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Grace in the city of Pesqueira, in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. He is one of the few brazilian priests (not in SSPX) who pray only the Traditional Latin Mass.

      On August 6, 1936 in the district of Cimbres, in the city of Pesqueira, Maria da Luz Teixeira de Carvalho (13 years old) and Maria da Conceição (16 years old) while they was harvesting castor beans, they saw an image with a shape of a woman with a child in her lap, high in the mountains; this image was first sighted by Maria da Conceição, then by Maria da Luz (later sister Adelia).
      Back in the place with his father, Maria da Luz saw again the Lady with the Child in her lap, so Maria da Luz questioned:

"Who are you?"
"I'm the Grace", replied the lady.
"Why are you here?"
"I came to warn about three punishments sent by God over Brazil. Tell the people to pray and do penance."

      The two girls started going daily to the mountain to pray, as soon more people started visiting the place to pray the Rosary and the Office of Our Lady.
      Due to the number of unbelievers, the girls asked for a sign to convince everyone. On August 10, the Image showed them the water that was coming out of the rock and said: "to cure diseases". When they returned in the same day together with the whole family, at the place where the Image appeared, it was noticed the brand impression of feet of an adult (a woman) and also a child who still are engraved on the rock. The Image told the girls that those marks were from Her feet and the feet of His Son which She held in her arms.
     On August 15, 1936 - the same day that now we celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven - Maria da Luz received an invitation of Father Manoel Marques, to meet the Bishop of the city of Pesqueira to speak about the apparitions.
      As the Bishop was busy, he sent his secretary to heard the young lady, and after the conversation, incredulously the Father delivered some questions that should be made to Our Lady, to be answered and submitted in writing.

The questions were:

1. Who is greater than God?
2. How many people exist in God?
3. Which are these people?
4. In the name of God, say who are you and what you wish.
5. Do you want to talk to a priest?
6. What is the meaning of the blood gushing from your hand?

Two days later, the girl gave the priest the following responses:

1. Nobody.
2. Three.
3. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
4. I ​​am the Mother of grace and I came to warn the people that are approaching three great punishments.
5. Yes.
6. Represents the blood that will be spilled in Brazil.

       After these responses, the priest along with another priest in order to investigate about the veracity of the reports, were with the girls and Mr. Arthur (father of Maria da Luz) on the place of the apparitions. The priest did some questions to the two girls separately so that they could not combine the answers to be responded. During that time the Image continued appearing to them. Maria da Luz described the Image as similar to the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, located in the Cathedral of Pesqueira, but with a blue dress and mantle color "cream" with a band.
       The priest asked her to ask the name of the Image. She answered She was the Grace. The priest asked her if he could ask a few questions in another language. The Lady answered affirmatively and at the same time She and the Boy smiled, as told Maria da Luz.

      The priest knew that the humble girls spoke only Portuguese, so he asked some questions directly to the Image even not seeing Her, in Latin and also about eighty or ninety questions in German in order that the girls did not understand what was being asked. The girls just responded in Portuguese what the Lady told to them.
      The questions were answered correctly. Here are some of them:

- Es mater divinae Gratias? (Latin: are you the Mother of Divine Grace?)
- I am.
- Es mater Salvatoris nostri? (Latin: are you the Mother of our Savior?)
- Yes.
- Desideras Permanere hic? (Latin: Do you desire remain here?)
- Yes.
- Aut desideras reliquere hunc locum?
- Yes.
- Ad priman depart?
- Yes.
- Brasilia castigatus erit Deo? (Latin: Will Brazil be castigated for God?)
- Yes.
- Quis ego sum cognosces? (Latin: who am I, do you know?)
- Yes.
- Wer bist du? (German: who art thou?)
- The Mother of Heaven.
- Wie heißt das Kind auf deinem Arm? (German: What is the name of the Child on your Arm?)
- JESUS​​.
- The image is a ghost or Our Lady?
- The Mother of Heaven.
- What is the purpose of Your stay here?
- Jesus sent me.
- Why?
- To say that serious times are coming. Punishment will befall Brazil.
- What are these punishments?

The Lady did not want speak.

- Will You tell it later?
- Yes.


- What is the purpose of Your appearance here?
- Notifying that three great punishments are coming to Brazil.
- What punishment?

      She did again the same gesture, showing that She did not want or She could not speak about this.

- How can we stop these punishments?
- Penance and prayer.
- What is the invocation of this appearance?
- of Grace.
- What is the meaning of the blood that flows from your hands?
- The blood that will flood in Brazil.
- Communism will come to penetrate the Brazil?
- Yes.
- In the whole country?
- Yes.
- Also inland?
- No.
- Will the priests and bishops suffer?
- Yes.
- Will it be like in Spain?
(In 1930s the Communism took Spain during the Civil War)

- Almost.
- What devotions do we must practice to avoid these evils?
- To the Heart of Jesus and mine.
- Not to only one?
- No.
- Shall I preach on this subject?
- Yes.
- The ecclesiastical authorities will allow?

She didn´t want to say.

- Will they allow later?
- Yes.
- Do you want us to build a church here?
- No.
- And later?

Again the gesture.

- Is this a repeat of the appearance of La Salette (France)?
- Yes.
- There will be a pilgrimage here?
- Yes.
- Why do you appeared on this place, on this mountain so hard to get?
- To the pilgrim people do penance.
- How long have you been here?

      She made a gesture as if She wanted to say "long ago".

- If you are the Mother of God, give us your blessing.

      Suddenly the two seers exclaim: "Look, she is blessing us!" They both made ​​the sign of the Cross.

- If you are the Mother of God and the infant baby are Jesus, tell Him to give us the blessing.

The two girls shouted: "Now He knows giving the blessing too!" And then, they made ​​again the sign of the cross.

After that, more questions were made.

      Many unexplained healings happened on the place across the fountain.

      Some months later, with the help of Fr. Estevão and Father Joseph Kehrle, Maria da Luz was accepted in a convent. She received an invitation from the College of Santa Sofia in the city of Garanhuns, on the Congregation of the Christian Ladies. In December 1940, with the name of Sr Adelia, Maria da Luz made her vows in the city of Recife.
      Nearly 50 years after the Apparition, in 1985, Sister Adelia was sick (a cancer) and because of it, She broke the silence and disclosed all the facts of the Apparition to the Congregation. Shortly after that, Sister Adelia was healed.
      On October 13, 2013 (day of the last Apparition of Our Lady in Fatima) Sister Adelia died. She was 91.

      Now, one year after the death of the Sister Adelia, more than ever the Communism is becoming a reality in Brazil by the hands of the current president and her communist party.

Pius XII, pray for us!

The mountain where the Mother of Heaven appeared - Pesqueira, Brazil

Our Lady of Grace

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